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What is a training program?

A training program is a self-guided sequence of microtasks related to work. Each task provides immediate feedback to train five of the top 10 skills most in demand in modern jobs.

Who is this training program aimed at?

It is aimed at anyone who works with information.

How long does a training program last?

A maximum of 4 weeks to complete 125 exercises of various microtasks. The time starts running when you start the first exercises.

How much time do I have to train?

Our daily training limit is 10 exercises, which on average takes 30 minutes. We recommend that you meet this limit.

How is a training program passed?

With a minimum NAQ score of 750.

Can I train with my mobile phone?

Unlike brain training games, our microtasks were designed to focus your attention on work-related tasks. Therefore, training on a computer is required. 

What is NAQ?

The Neuroagility Quotient (NAQ). This is a unique way to capture the structural remodeling of your brain during training.This KPI measures how your brain shapes and reinforces skills in response to our microtasks to boost productivity. The NAQ combines two essential factors: performance and time. 

What happens if I don't pass the program?

You have the option to purchase a Recovery, only once, which consists of 60 exercises and is passed with a minimum NAQ score of 300.

What are the training programs?

Mind Activation, Brain Boost y Neuro Mastery. 

Can I train with multiple programs simultaneously?

No. Our training is sequential.

Can I pause a Training Program?

No. Once the time has started, it cannot be paused.


How many skills does each training program include?

The Mind Activation and Brain Boost programs train 4 skills, while Neuro Mastery trains 5.



When do I receive my diplomas?

You will receive your diplomas when you complete 125 exercises or when the 4-week time limit expires, in both cases with a minimum NAQ score of 750.



Do the diplomas expire?

No. However, the diplomas record the date of the first issuance and the date of their last update. To update your diploma, you can purchase a Refresher within a period not exceeding two years from its last issuance.




What is a Novusapiens?

A Novusapiens is a person who is part of the Novuskills community, taking the step in the evolutionary line from Homo Sapiens to Novusapiens by starting their training.