Our Microlearning Methodology

Small training units

Microtasks (exercises) of approximately 3 minutes that train specific skills related to the working world.

Immediate feedback

Facilitates metacognition and allows learning from mistakes.

Dosed training

Training sessions (approximately 30 minutes daily) maximize effectiveness.


Essential to turn skills into reflexes.

Low stress levels

With small training units, immediate feedback, gradual training, and repetition, our methodology keeps stress levels low.


The foundations of our methodology


Our technology enables us to provide users with universal, ubiquitous, and autonomous training.


One of Novuskills’ strengths is utilizing the cloud to deliver sequenced and dosed microtasks for our training programs.

These training programs gather large amounts of data from each user, or Big Data. The data is analyzed in real-time, detecting patterns in the results. It is used to personalize training paths.

Furthermore, immediate feedback fosters autonomy and metacognition. The use of gamification mechanics enhances motivation and performance.



Novuskills’ research and development team analyzes each microtask using cutting-edge technology based on neuroscience.

With this technology, the neuro-visual system responsible for transmitting information to the brain, is validated to ensure synchronization with the activity of brain electrical waves responsible for synaptic connections formation in response to new learning experiences.


The scientific foundation of the Novuskills methodology makes it one of the most effective approaches for skill training.

Train with Novuskills and become a Novusapiens.